Pizzeria Trta is located on the beautiful banks of the Ljubljanica river, where we have been making fresh pizzas from the wood fired oven for you since 1998. Our philosophy, which we have adhered to since the very beginning, is "Everything that goes on a pizza must be of good quality and fresh". In the quarter of a century of our activity, we have tried to improve our recipes regularly.

Pizzeria Trta live in restored early Baroque house from the first quarter of the 17th century, which is a monument of local importance and is an integral part of the former Karlovško suburb in the immediate vicinity of the former water tower and city walls. It is decorated with a grape vine on the facade, which is attributed a venerable age of over 190 years.

Trta opened its doors in October 1998 and remains a family project under the same management to this day.

From the very beginning, we have been using ingredients that were not commonly found on pizzas. We created a series of bold recipes that incorporated ingridienets such as Treviso radicchio, fresh marinated spinach, courgettes, cod, squid, etc.

We're always trying new recipes and adding new things to the menu every year. For us, the quality of ingredients and preparation comes first, so we try to choose ingredients from the best, local suppliers. We do all the preparation ourselves, including making sauces and extras, because this is the only way we can guarantee the best quality of our dishes.

Our pizzas are tasty and easy to digest, thanks to the slow fermentation of the dough. In the production of the dough, we use only 0.1 g of yeast per pizza and then leave it to rise for 48 hours.

In addition to plain, white dough, we also offer pizzas made from whole wheat flour or pizzas from gluten-free dough. We make our gluten-free dough ourselves and it is one of our loyal customers' favourites.