We expect You on Grudnovo nabrežje 21, the Borough Prule, at the Ljubljanica River.


We have been preparing exceptional pizzas for you in the pleasant home ambience of our house for almost a quarter of a century. An old bread oven and dry beech firewood from higher forest locations are the best companion for well-baked pizza and a guarantee of the highest quality. The satisfaction of our guests, who have been loyal to us for years, really means a lot to us. The beginnings of the pizzeria date back to 1986.

The completely restored early Baroque house from the first quarter of the 17th century, which is a monument of local importance and is an integral part of the former Karlovac suburb in the immediate vicinity of the former Water Tower and city walls, has housed pizzeria Trta since 1998. It is adorned with a characteristic vine on the façade, which is credited with a venerable age of over 190 years.

From the very beginning, we used some ingredients that were not common for pizza composition. Created a series of daring recipes that are not common on the menus of other pizzerias, such as: Treviso chicory, fresh marinated spinach, zucchini, cod, rocket, basil, squid, etc. Every year we upgrade pizzas, adding more and more fresh and quality ingredients. The quality awards we receive also support this. Among them also "Travelers' choice" for many years, most recently in 2021.


Apartmaji Apartmaji

Trta’s premises are an apartment and a room, both well equipped. Both are located in the 1st floor, above Trta pizzeria. Brand new, arranged in 2014 and very comfortable.

Trta offers: